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Dr. Wienands and his wife Bettina, who is the heart and soul of the practice as well a medical-technical assistant.



Curriculum Vitae

Dr.med. Konrad Wienands


  • Medical Degree in Aachen (Germany) , Medical license in 1983 

  • 1983 / 1984 Training in General Medicine

  • 1984 to 1999 first intern, later Senior Physician in the Rheumazentrum Oberammergau (Rheumacenter Oberammergau in Southern Germany) mainly with research in the field of "Imaging Methods in Rheumatology"

  • Aquisition of comprehensive experience in Internal Medicine, non-surgical Orthopedics and Rheumatology

  • 1988 Medical Doctorate at the University of Aachen (Germany) with the topic of "Computer simulation of Tumor Cells under immune system surveilance"

  • 1999 Specialist for Rehabilitation Medicine

  • 1994 to 1997 part-time education in a radiology centre in  Munich (Germany)  with aquisition of experience in MRI, CT-Scanner and Nuclear Medicine

  • 1999 Homologation as Medical Doctor in Spain: Licenciado en Medicina y Cirurgia 

  • From 1999 until today: private surgery in Estepona (Málaga)







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